ESA Decison Tree - no cover_2.jpgIf you’ve ever wondered about the various categories of environmental site assessments, this decision tree should be of value.  There are three common types, summarized below:

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I ESA).  Primarily an historical records review, a Phase I ESA also includes a site visit and assessment but does not include any testing of soil or building material.  The Phase I will either state that no issues (“recognized environmental conditions”, or REIs) were identified, OR will recommend further testing.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment.  The Phase II ESA designs, performs and reports on the soil testing recommended in the original Phase I.  If reportable quantities of contaminants are identified, a local regulatory agency will be notified and will monitor the Phase III cleanup.

Phase III – Site Cleanup.  The Phase III or site cleanup will design and execute a soils cleanup project in cooperation and/or under the direction of the identified lead agency.  “Remediation” can mean excavation, transport and disposal, or may instead by achieved by in-situ equipment brought to the site.