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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Testing Services

Note: Our work is limited to commercial projects in Southern California only. We do not take residential and out-of-state projects.

Non-specific complaints in the office (fatigue, stress, allergies, and cold and flu-like symptoms) can sometimes be caused by poor indoor air quality.

Often the cause is a simple fix: The pre & inner filters of the building’s HVAC system may have exceeded their useful life are no longer operating efficiently. Ellis can identify this problem through carbon dioxide (CO2) testing.  It’s typically the first step in any IAQ investigation. 

Harmless except at high levels, a buildup of carbon dioxide is an indicator of poor ventilation.  When Ellis’ initial measurements indicate elevated levels of CO2, we’ll recommend  an inspection of the HVAC system and all air-handling units that serve the area of complaint. Standard investigations always include the placement of  “Q-Trak” monitors to measure and record concentrations and trends in carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, and relative humidity.

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Depending on the results of the initial testing we may recommend testing for some or all of the following contaminants:

  • allergens
  • airborne mold

  • airborne asbestos
  • airborne lead
  • surface mold
  • bulk asbestos
  • damaged lead paint
  • propane
  • legionella
  • hydrogen sulfide (sewer smell)
  • ultrafine dust particles emitted from printers and copiers
  • respirable and nuisance dust, usually from nearby construction activities
  • fecal contamination (E. coli & Enterococcus), most often performed following a sewage leak and cleanup
  • volatile organic compounds (VOCs), emitted from chemical processes - SUMMA-type canister or TEDLAR bags
  • formaldehyde, a contaminant associated with urethane insulation, preservatives and embalming processes

We then work with one of several partner AIHA- and NVLAP-accredited laboratories for analysis and removal of the contaminants.

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More About Ellis

The company was founded in Southern California in 1994. Since then we’ve administered more than $110 million in abatement and demolition projects for some of the most demanding (and recognizable) studios, banks, hospitals, developers, and universities in Southern California. Meet them here.

While we do many things, we specialize in asbestos, lead, mold, and IAQ testing.

Glycerin mist, also known as “theatrical fog”, is often used on set by film production in the field or at studios. Ellis monitors permissible exposure limits set by CalOSHA to determine the levels and duration these fog machines and fluids can be used.

Mold-impacted materials can impact air quality in a normal office/home/school environment. Below are major steps on how to handle mold-impacted materials.

  1. Airborne mold samples are first collected to determine any immediate air quality concerns. In a normal office/home/school environment, indoor levels are below outdoor levels.
  2. Surface samples are also collected to confirm the levels and types of spores.
  3. Bulk sampling for asbestos & lead also needs to be performed prior to remediation.
  4. Once the impacted materials are abated, “clearance” surface and air sampling for mold is performed to confirm thoroughness of the remediation.
  5. Follow-up airborne mold sampling is then recommended after 2-4 weeks to confirm remediation efforts are both effective and permanent.

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