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Asbestos Testing Services

Note: Our work is limited to commercial projects in Southern California only. We do not take residential and out-of-state projects.

Ellis is southern California's leader in asbestos-related testing and management services.  For all of your commercial renovation or demolition projects, Ellis will safely and efficiently satisfy all AHERA and SCAQMD requirements related to observed or disturbed asbestos, lead, and other identified hazardous materials.

In California, activities that identify, disturb or remove asbestos are regulated under 40 CFR Part 763 (AHERA), Cal-OSHA Section 1529, and the Air Quality Management District (AQMD) Rule 1403. Ellis maintains a staff of Cal-OSHA certified asbestos consultants (CAC) and certified site surveillance technicians (CSST) to first test for hazardous materials, then safely manage their removal. 

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Call us at (310) 544-1837 and speak to a California certified asbestos consultant (CAC). Or complete the form below for an answer within 24 hrs!

The process of working with us is simple:

TEST:  Ellis provides asbestos testing, analysis, and reporting required as the first step in any renovation project.  

PROCURE QUOTES: If abatement is required, we can create a clear and simple work plan to show to bidding contractors. When the scope of work is clear, bids are lowered. In fact, the cost savings we can realize for you in this step typically pays our fee.

ADMINISTER THE ABATEMENT PROJECT:  After bids are received, we act as your advocate to manage the process on a daily basis. This includes pre-and post-abatement inspections, monitoring of adjacent areas during the work, final inspection, and clearance sampling. Our final clearance notice, signed by a California-certified asbestos consultant, is the legal document that you and your general contractor need to continue your project.

Ellis Environmental is your best choice to avoid costly delays due to noncompliance.

Call 310-544-1837 and speak to a California Certified Asbestos Consultant (CAC). Or, complete the form below for a same day or next day answer!

More About Ellis

The company was founded in Southern California in 1994. Since then we’ve administered more than $110 million in abatement and demolition projects for some of the most demanding (and recognizable) studios, banks, hospitals, developers, and universities in Southern California. Meet them here.

Ellis is a full-service environmental testing and consulting firm, specializing in indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring, testing for (and managing removal of) asbestos, lead, and mold.

  • Pre-abatement photo of workspace.
  • Worker setting up containment.
  • Containment set up.
  • Containment set up.
  • Monitoring abatement work. Abatement in progress.
  • Decon with asbestos warning signs.
  • Abatement inspections.
  • Post-abatement, containment is removed after clearance.
  • Abatement in progress (ACM floor tile/mastic).
  • Decon with area air pump.
  • Asbestos waste.
  • High flow pump taking clearance samples, inside containment.

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