ellis pic(1).jpgSince 1994, Ellis Environmental Management has administered more than $62 million in abatement and demolition projects. Major studios, universities, property managers and lenders in California retain Ellis to resolve new environmental challenges as they occur. Ellis’ primary services include:

  1. Pre-demolition and pre-renovation asbestos and lead-testing;
  2. Administration (bid procurement, monitoring and inspection) of pre-renovation and pre-demolition abatement projects;
  3. Administration of post-abatement renovation and demolition projects;
  4. Preliminary Endangerment Assessments (“PEA” or “Phase III”) for school districts;
  5. Phase II soils testing;
  6. Phase I environmental site assessments;
  7. Field Testing for hazardous materials;
  8. Indoor air quality monitoring and investigations;
  9. Other hazardous materials testing and response services.

Prior to incorporating Ellis Environmental Management in 1994, Duane E. Behrens, our president, was employed as Senior Project Manager for Versar, Inc., acting as construction manager and owner's representative on federal- and state-funded municipal construction and soils remediation projects. Mr. Behrens founded Ellis Environmental Management, Inc. on the premise that experienced civil and environmental engineers can successfully team with industrial hygienists to provide an environmental response project that is as cost efficient as it is effective.