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Mold Testing

While we do many things, the process of working with us is simple:

Step 1 – TEST.   It all starts with a miosture / mold assessment.  This is Ellis’ primary mold-related service.  Typically, Ellis’ inspector will walk through the area with you and ask questions regarding building history, your knowledge and memory of roof leaks, pipe leaks or other water intrusion.  We’ll then use a combination of infra-red cameras, conductive moisture meters and air sampling equipment to assess the level of mold intrusion into your space.  Once that is complete – and if mold is found - we’ll provide guidance on the most efficient response, one that will be timely, cost effective and intended to reduce or eliminate mold hazards to workers and occupants.

Note that if Ellis is called quickly – that is, within a few days of water intrusion – we can mark out wet walls.  If the wet wallboard is removed quickly – within 2 weeks following the water intrusion – mold growth is unlikely.  This is by far the least expensive response action.    If more than a couple of weeks have passed, we’ll recommend that the walls are stripped by a license abatement contractor.    We’ll provide guidance on the most efficient, cost-effective response. 

Step 2 – PROCURE QUOTES for Remediation.  Where a mold problem is identified or suspected, and when abatement is required, you’ll need a clear and simple work plan to show to bidding contractors.  On your behalf, Ellis will give remedial contractors a clear idea of the work required. When the scope of work is clear, bids are lowered.  Ellis’ fees are usually exceeded by the cost savings produced by this single effort.

Step 3: ADMINISTER THE PROJECT.  After bids are received, you will need a representative - an experienced professional acting on your behalf - to manage the abatement process on a daily basis.  Ellis thus becomes your eyes and ears inside the mold removal work area.  Ellis’ final clearance notice, signed by an environmental professional, provides lasting documentation that the environmental problem was identified . . . . and corrected.   This is extremely important when selling a property or space. 

Choosing the right firm to do the testing - and keeping that firm by your side through the entire abatement process - is your fastest, least expensive, long-term solution.  Ellis Environmental; your best choice to avoid costly mistakes and delays.

Call us at (310) 544-1837 for more information.