UFPs - Smoke, Exhaust, and Equipment Emissions

EQUIPMENT:  TSI Condensation Particle Counter Model 3007.

CALIBRATED:  Annually.


Ultrafine particles associated with exhaust, soot, vehicle and equipment emissions cannot be easily detected with standard IAQ measuring sampling media and equipment.  

Ellis owns and maintains a particle counter that reads and displays concentrations of ultrafine particles of less than 0.1 micron in size.  Results are logged internally and also displayed in real time.  Concentrations are expressed in particles per cubic centimeter (p/cm3) air.

Results in areas of concern are compared with results in other areas as well as with outdoor concentrations on the same date.  

Ellis recently completed a study of UFP engine emissions at a major auto testing facility in Orange County, California. Concentrations were recorded during the operation of 6 engine dynamometers.  Results helped the Owner assess each dyno chamber for potential UFP exposure during and after engine operation.

Also, go here for a study of emissions from laser printers.  

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