Contract Management


The success of every project depends on how well each step is administered. This demands a unified, collective approach by the building owner, the construction manager, the testing/ inspection agency and ultimately, the contractor who is awarded the work.

Services Offered

Even the smallest project must be managed to some degree, and must include the following elements:

  1. Identification of project requirements
  2. Cost estimates, budgeting and allocation of resources
  3. Bid procurement and award
  4. Management of the project during the construction period
  5. Final inspection, closure, and payment

Background, Ellis' Qualifications

Since 1994, Ellis has administered or assisted in managing projects totaling more than $80 million in direct and indirect construction costs.  We specialize in the administration of environmental and construction surveys, all performed with our own professional staff.  Where hazardous materials are identified, we will provide planning, oversight, inspection and closure of the abatement project.  Typically, Ellis also administers ultimate demoltion of abated structures and re-grading of the site.    Ellis has and continues to be retained by Southern California's major studios, universities, property managers and lenders, providing fast, efficient and knowledgeable project administration for all projects large and small. We specialize in bringing remedial projects to a swift and efficient conclusion, and make one guarantee:

Fees for our services will in every case be exceeded by cost savings associated with those services.

Projects administered by Ellis are completed quietly, efficiently and on time. Working closely with the Owner's construction managers, we advance careers by exceeding expectations of a successful project.