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Ellis is southern California's leader in asbestos-related testing and management services.  In California, activities that identify and/or disturb asbestos are regulated under 40 CFR Part 763 (AHERA), Cal-OSHA Section 1529 and the Air Quality Management District (AQMD) Rule 1403. Ellis maintains a staff of Cal-OSHA certified asbestos consultants (CAC) and certified site surveillance technicians (CSST) to manage and perform asbestos testing and abatement projects.


Ellis provided an initial hazardous materials survey of this 11-story, steel-framed office building in San Pedro.  We then designed and administered the removal of all identified asbestos, lead and PCBs prior to the building’s demolition.

Services Offered:

  1. Testing for Asbestos.  An asbestos survey is required prior to demolition or renovation of any structure, regardless of age.  AHERA and SCAQMD require that every sampling report include a description of sampling methods, identification of the individual performing the inspection, a listing of both asbestos and non-asbestos materials identified, a building sketch to show each sample location, and the quantity and condition of identified asbestos materials.  Under evolving SCAQMD rules, a minimum 3 samples must be collected from each material.  Additionally, sampling of any and all impacted concrete is now required. 
  2. Removal Cost Estimates.  As one of the largest asbestos project administrators in southern California, Ellis stays current on quoted industry rates for abatement.  When time allows, the best way to estimate abatement costs is to solicit actual bids from qualified contractors, based on a scope of work developed by Ellis.   See below.
  3. Preparation of an Abatement Work Plan.  For simpler projects, an abatement work plan consists of meeting one or more contractors at the site and agreeing on a scope of work.  For larger projects, a written scope of work defines materials and quantities to be removed, general work methods, inspection procedures, etc. 
  4. Bid Phase Administration Prior to Abatement.  Ellis coordinates with the building Owner to procure and review abatement bids.
  5. Air Monitoring and Inspection Services during Abatement.  Ellis is the Owner's "eyes and ears" during abatement, qualified to enter the abatement work area, retained to provide final visual inspections and clearance monitoring.  Our most important service is to assist the contractor in identifying deficiencies in work practices and engineering controls BEFORE AQMD does so in the form of a Notice to Comply. 
  6. Response to SCAQMD "Notice to Comply"  (Procedure 5).   When asbestos HAS been disturbed improperly, notification to the AQMD is required, without exception.  Ellis should be the first responder in such an occurrence.  We'll advise on interim isolation of the damaged material, we'll provide the required notification and work plans to the AQMD, and will direct and manage the emergency cleanup on your behalf.  Failure to comply can result in fines of thousands, per day, per occurrence.  An AQMD P5 is also required for the excavation of any amount of asbestos-cement (AC or "Transite") pipe.

Background, Ellis' Qualifications

scope.jpgSince 1994, Ellis has administered approximately $62 million in asbestos abatement projects. Ellis maintains a professional working relationship with a number of local and reputable abatement contractors in California, each of whom depend on a strong working relationship with Ellis and its clients for continued success. This alone helps to reduce or eliminate unnecessary requests for additions to the contract sum during each new project.

In some cases, there is not time to procure competitive bids (for example, SCAQMD Procedure 5). In such cases Ellis will, on your behalf, negotiate a reasonable fee for the work with a single trusted contractor.

Ellis maintains NIOSH 582 trained microscopists to perform onsite reading of asbestos air samples using Photo Contrast Microscopy (PCM).  Air samples requiring further testing are delivered to NVLAP and AIHA accredited laboratories for Transmission Electron Microscopy TEM) analysis.  Bulk samples (i.e. solid samples taken from building materials) are also delivered to a laboratory for analysis using Photo Light Microscopy.

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