misc. pics - 7.13.11 194.jpgProperty Description: A 1-story 15,000 s.f., steel and metal-sided furniture factory in Glendale, destroyed by fire in June 2011.


Environmental Issues Identified: On June 1, 2011, a fire of unknown origin became so hot that it warped steel and caused lead-based primer to peel away from structural steel. 

Ellis provided the initial hazard assessment, searching for metals, asbestos, mercury and other contaminants that could potentially have been released during the fire.  As anticipated, significant amounts of lead and zinc were discovered in debris and on surfaces. 

Services Provided:  Following its initial hazard assessment, Ellis:

1. designed an appropriate hazmat cleanup and demolition plan;

2.  procured bids for the demolition and cleanup of the structure and debris that remained;

3.  monitored the progress of the work, tested, and provided a final clearance certificate.

Summary: Structure and content loss due to the fire were estimated at $1,750,000.  Cleanup and demolition efforts managed by Ellis required an additional $0.2 million to complete.  The final result: a clean concrete pad and lot, suitable for rebuilding.