dscn0788.jpgProperty Description:  Culver City Veterans' Memorial Building, a busy civic and events center for Culver City and surrounding areas. 

Environmental Issues Identified: Asbestos floor tile, tile mastic and lead containing wall tile were identified during Ellis' initial asbestos survey.   Above the auditorium, 200 l.f. of asbestos pipe insulation impeded renovation of the building's ventilation system. 

Services Provided: Ellis performed a pre-renovation survey to identify asbestos and lead containing building materials in construction areas.  After identifying the asbestos pipe insulation noted above, Ellis managed the procurement of bids for abatement on a rush basis in order to return the auditorium to service as quickly as possible.  The work was completed on time and within estimated costs.  Ellis has now been retained to assist in bidding, administration and inspection of remaining asbestos-containing materials.