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SCAQMD, Notice to Comply, Procedure 5

The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) responds to complaints of possible asbestos disturbance lodged by building occupants, tenants and employees.  They can be reached at (909) 396-2000 or 800-CUT-SMOG (800-288-7664).

The SCAQMD is by far the most active environmental regulatory agency in California, responding to complaints 24 hours a day.  When investigating the possible disturbance of asbestos-containing materials, the AQMD inspector will first request a copy of an Asbestos Survey. By law, AQMD Rule 1403, an asbestos survey is required prior to any demolition or renovation effort).  If no survey report is produced, the agency will immediately issue a "Notice to Comply", or "NTC," requiring that a Certified Asbestos Consultant conduct an asbestos hazard assessment.  If asbestos is identified, that same CAC must prepare and submit a "Procedure 5" (P5) cleanup plan on behalf of the building owner.

A P5 plan is also required for the removal of a buried asbestos-cement "Transite" pipe, regardless of the quantity or the pipe's current condition.