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Performance Update - Lead, Asbestos, Indoor Air

It has been Ellis' busiest summer ever.  We're currently nearing completion on a number of summer projects:

1.  LEAD - SAND-BLASTING.  Ellis administered, monitored, inspected and cleared a media-blasting project at an historical church building in Westchester.  The project removed decades of built-up paint, revealing the beautiful concrete architectural detail underneath. 

2.  ASBESTOS AND MOLD ABATEMENT.  Ellis monitored, inspected and cleared 98 student housing units at a regional University following asbestos removal in each unit.  The work was completed on time and ahead of schedule.  During subsequent interior demolition, water- and mold-impacted wallboard were discovered.  Ellis remained at the site to identify and mark out the extent of the damage, then administered the removal of impacted wallboard.

3.  PROCEDURE 5 - ASBESTOS-CEMENT (AC) PIPE.  The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) now requires that special removal procedures (aka "Procedure 5" or "P5') must be submitted and approved by that agency prior to removal of any underground pipe.  This summer alone, Ellis created and administered P5 work plans  for the excavation and removal of (literally) thousands of linear feet of underground pipe.

4.  PRE-DEMOLITION ABATEMENT.  Ellis just completed bulk sampling services, prepared a scope of work for abatement, then administred the removal of asbestos and lead prior to demolition of 18 buildings at a major southern California studio lot.  Once the asbestos was removed and after Ellis provided clearance notices for each building, the Owner's general contractor moved in and razed all 18 buildings, making way for new excavation, grading and construction. 

During subsequent grading and excavation, various unmarked, underground impediments - asbestos-cement pipe, oil clarifiers, etc. - were exposed.  For each of these, Ellis responded with bulk sampling, then guidance on removal and disposal. 

5.  INDOOR AIR QUALITY TESTING.  Smaller in scope but every bit as important, Ellis is providing continual indoor air quality monitoring services for dozens of southern California office buildings.  Testing services include carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, temperature, relative humidity, ultra-fine particles (UFPs), PM 10 dust, Particulates Not Otherwise Regulated (0.1 - 10 microns, aka "nuisance dust"), air and surface mold, moisture, asbestos and other fibrous dust, volatile organics, formaldehyde, and a host of other less-common constituents.  Combining experience in construction with experience in sampling methods and media, Ellis is often able to SOLVE IAQ problems when others cannot.  IAQ are at once the most challenging, but often the most rewarding service we provide.   Duane Behrens' 20 years experience as a construction manager, combined with the expertise and experience of staff industrial hygienists, are amazingly effective in identifying the cause and remedy for most common indoor air complaints. 

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