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Formaldehyde Testing In The News

Lumber Liquidators and Formaldehyde Exposure

A recent report on the news program "60 Minutes" has linked hardwood flooring sold by Lumber Liquidators to formaldehyde exposure.  

We've received a number of calls inquiring whether Ellis tests for this contaminant.  Yes, Ellis can and does provide testing for exposure to airborne formaldehyde. (We've been providing the service to mortuary service providers for years as part of their Cal-OSHA compliance programs.) 

Costs for a full testing effort - travel, time on site, lab delivery and reporting - range from $800 to $1400, depending on the number of samples collected (around $90 each just for the analysis) and the distance from our office near Torrance to the impacted site. 

While this cost may not present a hardship for most business entities, private homeowners may elect instead to divert that money directly toward the cost of flooring replacement.

We are happy to answer any questions and help individuals and businesses find an appropriate solution for their situation.

Click on the image below to watch the 60 Minutes Video.