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Evidence-Based Facility Disinfecting Services

Ellis Environmental Provides a "Scientifically Proven" Clean

Before you open up your facility after the quarantine, it needs to be clean, not just cleaned. With the level of uncertainty around the novel coronavirus, you cannot afford anything less than evidence-based clean; a level of clean expertly administered, monitored, and scientifically cleared by Ellis Environmental.

Ellis has partnered with a local AIHA accredited testing laboratory and several reputable abatement contractors to assist our clients in providing their occupants with something that we are all searching for: evidence. Evidence-based in accredited testing laboratory data and approved surface biological agent sampling protocol (qPCR swab testing).

Why is that important, and what does that really mean?

If and when you choose to reach out to Ellis for assistance in disinfecting your facility, the following steps take place:

  1. You’ll speak with trained and knowledgeable personnel who will gather specific facility information about your unique situation (square footage of occupied spaces, hours of occupancy, the last time a potentially infected person was in the space, etc.).
  2. Ellis will then provide their proven, general disinfecting work plan to several reputable abatement contractors with disinfection experience, and we will set-up a bid walk (if applicable).
  3. Following a site walk or extensive discussion about facility specifics, Ellis will review bids for accuracy and assist our clients in awarding the work.
  4. Ellis will then provide full-time 3rd party oversight and monitoring during the licensed abatement contractor’s cleaning efforts – observing, directing, and documenting cleaning activities as they occur.
  5. Lastly, and following disinfecting efforts, Ellis will collect surface swab samples according to the existing sampling protocol as a surrogate for specific biological or viral surface contaminants. A report documenting all cleaning activities, as well as the results of surface sampling, is then provided to our clients as part of the closeout process.

In rush situations, Ellis has been able to provide the above services – from initial client contact, to release of our closure report – in as little as 72 hours.

At last – a document you can have “in hand” when approached by concerned occupants returning to your facility. Evidence.

If you want to be CERTAIN your facility is disinfected properly, call Ellis Environmental.

Call Today: (310) 544-1837 for more information.