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Ellis tests for residual methamphetamine

Last week, Ellis provided swab testing for potential, residual methamphetamine in a private residence. The town home, located in an affluent neighborhood, was clean and well maintained. But the new owner was concerned with an odor he thought might be from a former (or nearby) meth lab.

A meth lab in "the nice part of town"?  More and more, as reported by Time Magazine, labs are being placed in locations you would not suspect, including inside a Cedar Rapids, IA Taco Bell (Time, 8-5-15 by Tanya Basu).

There is a happy ending in our town home.  The homeowners' association retained Ellis for the required testing and, fortunately, no trace of meth was found. All is well. :-)  And, there has been no talk of "Ellis CSI" in our future.

Crystal Meth facts:  http://chemistry.about.com/od/medicalhealth/a/crystalmeth.htm

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