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Ellis is strong thanks to you!

We were on a roll . . . increasing, record revenue for the past 4 years running, 10 employees, the latest in testing equipment, and 3 or 4 company trucks depending on who you ask.  (Thank you, Mike Motors.) 

I was feeling down over the weekend because, after 3.5 years with no changes in personnel, a key industrial hygienist resigned last week.  It made for a rough weekend of quiet thought and second-guessing myself. 

But you know what?  This morning at 05:30, I met 3 employees at the office and helped them get their assigned vehicles loaded up for a day of monitoring and inspections at various locations in LA County. 

Finished, I stood there in the parking lot, smiled and quietly waved at each as they left the parking lot.  They probably found that a bit weird.  But I needed to remind myself of all the GOOD things that have come from our little company. . . . that these good people continue to rely on Ellis almost as much as we rely on them.