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Do Dogs Make Us Better at Work?

Most days, most Ellis employees are providing field oversight and / or attending various project meetings.  But on the rare office day, employees are encouraged to occasionally bring their dogs in to work with them.  Why?  We like to think it’s because we value an honest, authentic and transparent workplace. 

We value people who “own” their work -- people who are always looking for better ways to attack a project, increase accuracy or shorten turnaround time. Because that’s who we hire, and because most of them are dog enthusiasts, those dogs (and their awesome owners) are often welcomed at Ellis.

Do dogs make us better at work?  No.  But perhaps their continually excited and friendly ways help us to smile and get excited about our own work. 

And no, Fluffy, Muttley and Kiwi can't really use computers, but we have caught them downloading cat videos on their  iPads!!