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Lead in Drinking Water Educational Child Care Centers

New CA state regulations require that all licensed Child Care Centers – including K12 school child care centers and college/university child care centers - test their drinking water for lead prior to January 2023, and then every 5 years after.  New Health and Safety Code (HSC) 1597.16 includes:

  1. Education and/or experience requirements of the individual collecting the water samples; the “Certified External Water Sampler.”
  2. A requirement to test both “first draws” (first water to come out of the tap) and “second draws” (following a 30-second flushing of the line). This is already part of Ellis’ standard test protocol.
  3. A new “Action Level” of 5 parts per billion (ppb) lead. This is 67 percent more stringent than the current CDPH Action Level of 15 ppb lead.
  4. Requirements for preparation of the facility to be tested: pre-flushing the lines the day before, isolating the building from water use, placing signs on each source point to be tested, and wrapping faucets with poly and tape 8 hours before testing. (Ellis can provide this additional service if requested.)
  5. Analysis Laboratory qualification requirements.
  6. What constitutes a source point (faucet, bubble, cold water line, etc).
  7. Reporting requirements.
  8. Required, immediate response actions for source points above 5.5 ppb lead.

As LA County’s leader in recreational and potable water testing, Ellis’ personnel, test protocols, laboratory, and reporting methods already meet or exceed CDPH and Social Services requirements, and have for more than 20 years. 

Please call us. We are happy to answer all your questions, and, if you wish, schedule testing of your facility now before approaching deadlines create backlogs and scheduling challenges. Thank you.