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Asbestos - Clearance Sampling

Q1:  Following an asbestos removal action, who can perform final clearance sampling?

A1:  In California, clearance air sampling must be performed under the direct supervision of a California-certified asbestos consultant, or "CAC."  Requirements vary in other states, but generally require a combination of training, experience, testing and licensure.

Q2:  I've hired a licensed abatement contractor to remove asbestos from my building.  Can't I just ask him to have the clearance sampling performed?

A2:  No.  Cal. State Assembly Bill 7187 strictly prohibits any client/vendor relationship between an abatement contractor and a testing agency.

Q3:  Okay.  When should I call an asbestos testing agency to perform the clearance sampling?

A3:  The best time to retain a consultant/testing agency is at the beginning of your construction/remodeling project.  As required by law, that firm will inspect, test and provide you with a summary of asbestos materials in your building which you, in turn, must provide to your general contractor.  If asbestos will be disturbed, that consultant can also procure bids for removal on your behalf, provide daily oversight and inspections, and final clearance sampling upon completion.  Costs for these services are a fraction of total direct construction costs.  And those costs are always exceeded by the savings gained in avoiding delays and "previously-unknown conditions."