Lead Testing

Damaged lead-based paint is recognized by the California Department of Public Health as a potential health hazard, especially for children under the age of 6. Lead regulations and standards are set under Cal-OSHA (construction trades), the Consumer Protection Safety Commission (sale of new products), and through CDPH / HUD guidelines (residential housing). In a public building, a condition like the one shown above may in fact be illegal under California Senate Bill 460. Even if a surface with lead-based paint is intact, certain activities such as grinding or torching such paint could pose a health risk. Call us for a listing of Lead “Trigger Tasks.”

Ellis maintains a staff of CDPH-certified lead inspector/assessors and sampling technicians to conduct lead inspections and testing. When lead-based paint must be stabilized, or lead-containing ceramic tile need to be abated, Ellis will develop a site specific work plan, procure bids, monitor the abatement, and collect clearance air and wipe samples upon completion. This provides documentation that workers and future occupants will not be exposed to lead hazards.

lead paint stablization and contract mgmt - ellis pictures 360.jpgEllis Services Offered

  1. Testing for lead-based paint and ceramic tile
  2. Lead hazard assessments (wipe, soil, water and air samples)
  3. Potable/Non-potable water (heavy metals, total coliforms, enterococci, e. Coli, legionella, pH levels, etc.)
  4. Remedial cost estimates
  5. Location drawings identifying where lead is present at a site
  6. Bid phase administration prior to abatement, stabilization and/or cleanup
  7. Air monitoring and inspection services during remediation