Dykstra front view.jpgProperty Description: A 10-story 130,000 s.f., steel and concrete dormitory building in Westwood, abated in 2012. 

Environmental Issues Identified: An environmental hazards survey conducted in 2004 revealed the presence of asbestos, lead and other environmentally hazardous materials in the building. The building was completely renovated in 2012.  Ellis was retained to provide the following environmental services.

Services Provided:  Based on the environmental hazards survey provided to Ellis, the following services were administered:

1. designed abatement plans for asbestos and lead

2. conducted additional bulk sampling for materials that were exposed during the demolition process

3. monitored the progress of the work, tested, and provided a final clearance certificate.

Summary: Ellis was on site from March 2012 to November 2012 to provide its services. The dormitory re-opened successfully in the spring of 2013.