Fire Damage Testing

Ellis tests for fire-related smoke and dust contaminants:

Ellis provides the following industrial hygiene testing services related to smoke, dust and other  contaminants associated with recent fires in the area:

  1. Nuisance Dust (Particulates).  Also called PM10, these are the large, visible dust particles generated by construction and demolition. 
  2. Respirable Dust, or “PM 2.5”  These dust particles are more dangerous as they can be drawn deeply into the lungs.
  3. Ultra-Fine Particles, or “UFPs”  Smoke from a fire is comprised of UFPs of less than 0.1 micron.
  4. Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide

Ellis owns and maintains equipment that will provide immediate results in the field.  The data is downloaded at our office and converted into a report that will include guidance on appropriate response actions.  Our services are limited to commercial and industrial facilities only.  Call us at 310 544 1837 to schedule testing or to request a cost proposal for this work.

Where fire has damaged building components, Ellis also provides testing for asbestos, lead surface dust, heavy metals and other common fire generated contaminants.  This physical testing is required prior to cleanup and disposal of damaged materials.  

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