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Are you here because you’ve heard from the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) regarding a possible asbestos violation?  Are you faced with a Notice to Comply (NTC) or Notice of Violation (NOV)?  Or are you here because those are things you (understandably) wish to avoid?

The SCAQMD responds with job site visits whenever it receives a complaint that asbestos may have been improperly disturbed. Upon arrival, the inspector will ask the owner or general contractor for a number of items, including:

  1.  A copy of the original asbestos survey for the site.
  2. A copy of the general contractor’s 10-day notification to the SCAQMD for demolition, renovation or abatement.

If the above items are not produced, the AQMD will issue either a Notice to Comply (NTC) or a Notice of Violation (NOV).  The first one indicates that an issue of possible non-compliance has been observed, but gives the investigated party time to respond.  The second simply advises that a violation HAS been observed and that further action will be taken.

In both cases, the Owner will usually be directed to retain a California-certified Asbestos Consultant (CAC) to perform a job site hazard assessment, including bulk sampling for asbestos.  If asbestos is identified, that same consultant will prepare a “Procedure 5” cleanup plan on behalf of the client.  Following approval by the SCAQMD, a licensed abatement contractor must be retained to clean up the site in strict accordance with the approved Plan.  

We regularly respond on behalf of clients to NTCs and NOVs and, if asbestos is found, prepare the required Procedure 5 Cleanup Plan.

Since our founding in 1994 we’ve administered more than $62 million in abatement and demolition projects for some of the most demanding studios, hospitals and universities in Southern California.

Ellis will  help you make sense of your current circumstance and resolve the above issues quickly and efficiently.   310-544-1837

Ellis’ role will include:

Step 1 – Hazard Assessment.  This is Ellis’ primary service, and the first step in responding to an NTC or NOV.  Ellis’ licensed, EPA-certified building inspectors will submit physical samples to a NVLAP accredited laboratory.  In its subsequent report,, Ellis will tell you whether or not the area you’ll renovating or demolishing contains asbestos.  If no asbestos is identified, you may simply provide a copy of our report to local permitting agencies and/or to your general contractor.  When asbestos IS identified, continue on to Step 2 below.

Step 2 – PROCURE QUOTES for Abatement.  Where asbestos is identified and when abatement is required, you will need a clear and simple work plan to show to bidding contractors. Ellis provides this service. On your behalf, we will give contractors a clear idea of the work required. When that scope of work is clear, quoted bids are lowered.

Step 3: ADMINISTER THE PROJECT.  After bids are received, you will need a representative - an experienced professional acting on your behalf - to manage the process on a daily basis. This will include pre-abatement and post-abatement inspections, monitoring of adjacent areas during the work, final inspection and clearance sampling.  We are your eyes and ears inside the asbestos removal work area.  Ellis’ final clearance notice, signed by a California certified asbestos consultant, is the legal document that you and your general contractor need to continue with your project.

Choosing the right firm to do the testing - and keeping that firm by your side through the entire abatement process - is your fastest, least expensive, long-term solution.  Ellis Environmental; your best choice to avoid costly mistakes and delays.

Call us at (310) 544-1837 for more information.

Other facts regarding the SCAQMD, Rule 1403 and asbestos-containing materials (ACMs):

  1. Prior to renovation or demolition, the SCAQMD requires an asbestos survey for ALL structures REGARDLESS OF BUILDING AGE.
  2. The SCAQMD is active in southern California. They require notification of any abatement project >100 s.f., and will often visit abatement projects at random. Their assessments are fairly administered, but penalties for non-compliance can be severe
  3. The SCAQMD does not regulate asbestos at concentrations <1%. (1.0%)
  4. The SCAQMD enforces limits on airborne emissions of hazardous dusts and fumes.
  5. The SCAQMD is a federally funded agency.
  6. Other California Air Pollution Control Districts (APCDs) are also adopting Rule 1403 as their compliance guideline.