Now Hiring! Entry level Industrial Hygienist.

Position requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, Env. Health, Env. Engineering, or related field.

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Now Hiring!

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Asbestos Testing

Lead Testing

Indoor Air Quality

"The leader in commercial environmental services for Los Angeles and Southern California"

Note: Our work is limited to commercial projects only. We do NO residential work.

Asbestos Testing

Ellis is Southern California's leader in asbestos testing and management services...

Lead Testing

Ellis has CDPH-certified lead inspector/assessors to conduct lead inspections and testing...

Indoor Air Quality

Ellis provides indoor air quality testing for CO2, mold, asbestos and more...

Mold/Moisture Testing

When water intrudes a building, the worst action is no action. See how Ellis can help...

Soft Story Retrofit

Is your building affected? How long do you have to comply? What is the first step?

About Our Company...

"I formed Ellis Environmental Management in 1994 with a singular purpose: To combine the building knowledge of construction managers with the unique expertise of degreed industrial hygienists.

Our industrial hygienists provide field testing services that are detail-oriented and true to the required testing method. They work under the direction of a manager who is experienced in both building systems and construction management. In preparing for each new remedial or demolition project, we begin by building a base of information that is thorough; complete. We provide that information to bidding contractors in a way that is simple and easy to understand. Finally, we team with the awarded contractor to provide a final project that is efficient, safe, and cost-effective.

I’m personally pleased with the results, and immensely proud of this current Ellis team."

Duane E. Behrens, President
CAC #92-0226
CDPH #7914
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Latest News

I wanted to share some protocols and "tips" I've learned and followed during my years with Ellis performing inspections on vinyl floor tile ...
2015/2016 were Ellis’ most successful back-to-back years since the company was formed 22 years ago. Some of our more notable accomplishments: Ellis...
Ellis is retained by a number of local school districts to test potable (drinking) water for lead content.  BACKGROUND - Dissolved lead in drink...

Client Testimonials

“I watched them as they did their sampling on our first project and was impressed.  They were thorough and took a common sense approach.  They don’t recommend some elaborate, overly expensive solution that wasn’t needed.  They are our primary environmental testing and consulting  vendor.”

~ Richard - Director Facilities and Sustainability

“We have found Ellis to always be professional and thorough.  As property managers we aren’t technical people and they’ve always been good at explaining things; what the different levels of toxicity mean, for example.  They’ve never left us in the dark; step by step they always let us know what they are doing.” 

~ Debra - Commercial Property Manager

“I have found Ellis to be very professional, they meet their commitments, they communicate, I think their prices are reasonable and you don’t have to babysit them.”

~ Trey - Commercial Facilities Manager

Here are some of the clients we work with: