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Asbestos Clearance Monitoring


Because of the conflict of interest that can arise when a testing agency works directly for an abatement contractor, California law - Business and Professions Code 7187 -  specifically prohibits such an arrangement. 

In 2007/2008, Ellis was called to an 11-story apartment complex in Beverly Hills.  That project included the gutting of interior walls and the complete removalof all beige-colored asbestos fireproofing from every floor of the building. 

Complication #1:  The abatement contractor performing the removal, for a very small additional cost, offered to ALSO retain a testing agency (not Ellis) to run “clearance sampling” on each floor.  The Owner agreed to this, probably not knowing it was in violation of state law. 

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Ellis Celebrates 20 Years of Continuous Service

Ellis began providing hazardous materials testing services in August 1994.  The company was incorporated in 1996 and has been in continuous operation since that time.  Ellis maintains a constant core of 5 degreed industrial hygienists.  Paired with Duane Behrens' 20 years of construction management experience, the combination insures that every hazmat sampling project, every IAQ investigation, every abatement and demolition project is planned and performed professionally and well. 

Ellis works almost exclusively with the region's major universities, colleges, studios, property managers and K-12 schools.  We rely on repeat business from valued clients, we value each relationship tremendously, and will do all we can to maintain the level of service you've come to expect from us.

Thank you for helping to make the last 20 years so productive and enjoyable!

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Performance Update - Lead, Asbestos, Indoor Air

It has been Ellis' busiest summer ever.  We're currently nearing completion on a number of summer projects:

1.  LEAD - SAND-BLASTING.  Ellis administered, monitored, inspected and cleared a media-blasting project at an historical church building in Westchester.  The project removed decades of built-up paint, revealing the beautiful concrete architectural detail underneath. 

2.  ASBESTOS AND MOLD ABATEMENT.  Ellis monitored, inspected and cleared 98 student housing units at a regional University following asbestos removal in each unit.  The work was completed on time and ahead of schedule.  During subsequent interior demolition, water- and mold-impacted wallboard were discovered.  Ellis remained at the site to identify and mark out the extent of the damage, then administered the removal of impacted wallboard.

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Ellis is Hiring

A former Ellis employee writes: "It's amazing how valuable working at Ellis has been for my environmental career experience. Thanks!" . . . and we're hiring - field personnel and project managers. We require a 4-year degree in environmental or health-and-safety, and at least a 3 year commitment to Ellis. In turn, we'll provide you with on-the-job training, a competitive salary, health, vacation and other benefits, occasional evening and weekend work, a friendly work environment and the support you'll need from a small staff of professional colleagues.  Salary Range = $30K - $50K depending on education and experience. 

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Asbestos Removal, OSHA, South Coast AQMD

Twice in the past year – and perhaps 4 times in the last 6 years - we've seen building owners merely give contractors a set of drawings and an existing asbestos survey report . . . and then entrusted them to identify, quantify, bid on and remove all impacted asbestos materials properly, without inviting participation by the entity that had provided the inspection and report.      

In each of the above cases and whether intentional or not, identified asbestos materials were removed and disposed of as construction waste by the awarded contractor, without proper engineering controls or packaging.  Ellis was brought in to assist only after the AQMD had investigated and had cited both the Owner and the Contractor.   

 This is probably why Cal OSHA defines asbestos-related contract management as a “health-and-safety” service, requiring the participation of a California Certified Asbestos Consultant (CAC).   Most owners know enough to have a CAC or CSST monitoring the abatement.  But a CAC’s participation is sometimes overlooked (but probably most important) during the bid phase of the project.  CAC participation in the planning and bid phase helps to insure that all bidding contractors have been made aware of the presence and location of asbestos materials . . . and that related questions are answered before the project begins. 

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