South Coast Air Quality Management District Rule 1403  Under Rule 1403, the SCAQMD regulates emissions from asbestos removal projects.  The SCAQMD is the most active regulatory agency in southern California, often seen conducting routine inspections of abatement projects. 

California OSHA - Asbestos  In addition to directly enforcing worker safety on asbestos-related projects, Cal-OSHA regulates and enforces the California Certified Asbestos Consultant (CAC) and California Certified Site Surveillance Technician (CSST) programs. 

Established in 1992, the CAC and CSST certification programs are intended to insure that asbestos removal projects are designed, monitored and inspected by experienced and educated personnel.  Ellis' president, Duane Behrens, has held continuous certification as a CAC since the inception of the program (CAC #92-0226).

Federal OSHA - Asbestos in Industry

Federal OSHA - Asbestos in Construction/Demolition

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